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Reserva Conchal is Carbon Positive!

Reserva Conchal, with its Westin Hotel and luxury residential real estate community, is one of the finest properties in Costa Rica for its lovely white sand beach, five star amenities, luxury properties and exceptional location.. Visitors who are concerned about the eco-footprint of development in Costa Rica can also enjoy Reserva Conchal with a clear conscience.

The Westin hotel and golf course just obtained carbon positive certification by compensating 25% more than their total emissions to achieve a positive balance. The Westin at Reserva Conchal is the first beach hotel in Latin America that has managed to achieve a positive balance on carbon emissions and the first hotel in the entire global Starwood Hotels and Resorts family to hold the distinction.

Following the first measurement of their carbon footprint for the operation in 2014, Reserva Conchal set a goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2016. Then this luxury Costa Rica property decided that it could up its commitment to the environment by working towards carbon positivity.

Reserva Conchal has added an additional 25% compensation for its green house gas emissions by committing land parcels with forest coverage to serve as a carbon sink. The Costa Rica beachfront golf resort has also executed projects that reduce emissions by increasing energy efficiency, optimizing transport and improving refrigeration systems.

Reserva Conchal in Costa Rica has a tradition of sustainability-focused development and holds multiple environmental certifications that include ISO 14001 for its environmental management system, certificate of Tourism Sustainability from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, and Audubon certification for its championship Trent Jones II golf course.

If you're looking for an eco-conscious investment that offers the highest quality amenities in Costa Rica real estate, Reserva Conchal is the choice for you. Please contact us for more information about Reserva Conchal properties for sale to explore your opportunities.

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