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Costa Rica - Expat Paradise!

Costa Rica’s friendly locals and pura vida lifestyle took it to second place on the InterNations list of top global expatriate destinations for 2017. According to one expat, he chose Costa Rica because it "provides the freedom to live a peaceful, happy life, surrounded by peaceful, kind and happy people." We wholeheartedly agree!

Costa Rica ranked in the top 10 for four of the five indices studied by InterNations: (1) Finding Friends; (2) Quality of Life; (3) Ease of Settling In; (4) and Family Life. Costa Rica scored first place in the Finding Friends subcategory, taking the top ranking for every question. Expats say it’s easy to make friends with locals, with almost one in five (19%) respondents saying their social circle is primarily made up of Costa Ricans and 63% saying it’s a mix of locals and expats.

Costa Rica made positive strides in the Family Life index, jumping 16 places due to higher scores in the Quality of Education and the Availability of Childcare and Education subcategories.

Costa Rica also made improvements in the Personal Finance Index, jumping from 43rd place in 2016 to 24th. Almost seven in ten respondents (68%) said they are generally satisfied with their financial situation, with 79% saying they have enough or more than enough to cover their daily expenses.

It's interesting to note that two thirds of the respondents were not retired - indicating that Costa Rica attracts younger expats and families in addition to retirees who made up the other one third. Respondents across the board said they appreciate the relaxed pace of life and pura vida vibe they experience in Costa Rica. With such a warm welcome and peaceful way of life, half of the respondents said they can see themselves remaining in Costa Rica forever. Pura Vida!

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